Unio makes it easy for you to manage events and gather feedback all on one platform, empowering you to create real experiences and strengthen your workplace community instead of spending time on admin.

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Workplace Experience & Event Management


A single platform solution for event creation and management

Stop juggling forms, calendars, and spreadsheets - with the Unio platform everything you need is all in one place.

Custom sign-up forms and detailed profiles mean you can get any information you need from your attendees - never ask about allergies again!

Our Google Calendar integration automatically updates attendee calendars.  

Mix groups for maximum diversity and manage waiting lists from your dashboard.

Automated communications and a single point of culture drive engagement

Announcements, reminders, and comms can sap a lot of your time - that's why we've automated them all with integrations for Slack, Teams, and email support, meaning you don't have to worry about trying to raise awareness or attendance.

Gathering all of your company events onto one platform boosts visibility and makes it easy for your colleagues to join - plus design features like a countdown and images boost engagement too.

Track attendance and feedback so you can tailor events for maximum social impact in your company

Live attendance data and feedback lets you understand and strategise, while proving ROI to Finance and company leadership.

Learn which events are most engaging, and which locations or groups might need extra focus.

Understand which events foster silo-breaking, interdepartmental connections, and represent marginalized groups.

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