Engage your introvert colleagues with employee-driven micro-events.

Unio is loved by over 2500 engineers, developers and scientists for meaningful events and powerful community building tools.

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Unio fosters social cross-pollination for introvert employees


Introverts love micro events

Introverts are often much more comfortable in less crowded settings.

Smaller, more intimate events are better for extensive conversations and enable deeper discussions on topics that might elude others.

Unio are experts in making these events happen. We’ll kick off together with your colleagues - ensuring a successful start and making it super easy for them run their own events moving forward.

Automated tools and a powerful platform empower your employees to create their own culture

The Unio platform gives your specialist employees ways to gather around meaningful topics and activities which interest them.

Automated comms and integrations with Slack, Teams, and Google Calendar mean it's incredibly quick and easy to create an event without spending any time on raising awareness or trying to drive engagement - the platform takes care of everything.

A single point of culture boosts visibility and makes it easy for your colleagues to join.

Track attendance and feedback so you can tailor events for maximum social impact in your company

Live attendance data and feedback lets you understand and strategise, while proving ROI to Finance and company leadership.

Learn which events are most engaging, and which locations or groups might need extra focus.

Understand which events foster silo-breaking, interdepartmental connections, and represent marginalized groups.


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